Documents and Deliverables

You may find in this page all the documents and deliverables that e-SAVE publicly makes available.

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e-SAVE Scientific Publications

  1. Zampou, E., Pramatari, K., & Karagianaki., A. (2012). “The enabling role of environmental monitoring systems: strategy behind adoption and impact on environmental performance“, Information Systems Journal
  2. Rabe, M., Horvath, A., Spieckermann, S., Fechteler, T., (2012) “An Approach for Increasing Flexibility in Green Supply Chains Driven By Simulation“, In Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), pp. 1-12, ISSN 0891-7736
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  7. Rabe, M., Gutenschwager, K., Fechteler, T. and Sari, U. (2013) “A Data Model for Carbon Footprint Simulation in Consumer Goods Supply Chains“, 2013 Winter Simulation Conference (download)
  8. Pramatari, K., Kyriakoulias, S., (2014) “Environmental Footprint and Collaborative Practices: Trends and Benefits” (Περιβαλλόντικό Αποτύπωμα και Συνεργατικές Πρακτικές: Τάσεις και Οφέλη), Supply Chain and Logistics Magazine, January 2014 issue. (download)
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