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e-SAVE at the Supply Chains 10 years ahead, 2024 Conference

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e-SAVE was invited to participate at “Supply Chain: 10 years Ahead, 2024″ conference, which was held on October 24th, 2014 at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens. It was organised by the Supply Chain Institute with the scientific support of Planning S.A. e-SAVE was offered a promotional stand and poster space. AUEB represented the project at the event where, the project’s results and expected impact was promoted to interested participants.

With the collaboration of more than 30 executives of well-known enterprises in Greece, the conference brought up 7 major trends which are expected to change the priorities and every-day operations of Supply Chain professionals.

1.       Risk Management

2.       Compliance

3.       New generation distribution centres

4.       Shared Services and City Logistics

5.       Re-engineering of distribution channels

6.       Digital world and  Supply Chain visibility

7.       3PL – 4PL και LLPs (Lead Logistics Providers)

The Conference booklet can be downloaded here. (in Greek)